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Test Language

A Test Programming Language, developed by Plant Link S.L. is provided with each piece of equipment. The language can also be purchased separately. During the development stage great emphasis was placed on the importance of simplicity of use. Every instruction is written in plain English. It has proven to be extremely simple to learn and use. Existing programs can be modified with a few minutes work. The creation of a new test program is a very easy task using the included "Users Programming Guide."

Example 1 A typical tester screen developed for using with the Test Programming Language
Example 2 Power up an engine module and measure the supply current

Example 3

Apply a voltage to any pin
Example 4 Measure a voltage on any pin
Example 5 Connect loads on any pins
Example 6 System reset instruction
Example 7 Code sequence to display test results
Example 8 SCP communication example specific to Ford and Visteon
Example 9 Real test code sequence used in a Plant Link S.L. Engine Module Tester


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