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The following example is a fragment of a code sequence for a Plant Link S.L. Engine Module Tester. The code sequence applies power (13.8 Volts) to an engine module under test and measures the supply current. Comments are in green.


/ Set power supply to 13.8 volts, with a current limit of 500mA
Wait(300) / Wait for 300 ms
MeasurePLS145V_Current(Float0) / Measure the current supplied by the PLS145V card. The value is stored in the variable Float0.

To power ON the module, the code accesses a Plant Link S.L. power supply card (card name = PL-S145V). In this case the instruction includes parameters "13.8 , 500", which set a power supply voltage of 13.8 Volts and a current limit of 500 mA.

The second line applies a wait period of 300 ms to allow the power supply output to settle.

The third instruction again accesses the PL-S145V power supply card. This time to measure the supply current. The current measured is returned in a variable called "Float0". Float0 is one of many pre-assigned variables available to the programmer.

Other pre-assigned variables that are available to the user:

Msg0 to Msg255 ' 256 variables available to store communication messages
Strn0 to Strn63 ' 64 string variables
Int0 to Int63 ' 64 integer variables
Float0 to Float63 ' 64 floating point number variables


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