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Plant Link S.L. is a privately owned, Spanish registered company, founded in 1995. It specialises in the supply of components, services and test equipment to the automotive industry. Headquarters are in Cadiz, Spain.

Plant Link S.L. has three operating segments

Supply Management -
Management of the supply of material to European automotive manufacturers including the sale of components, memory devices & microprocessors.

Automotive Services -
Provision of engineering & supply services to the automotive industry

Custom Test Equipment -
The design, development & manufacture of test equipment for the automotive industry

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Supply Management

Supply to the automotive industry has become highly involved, requiring a great deal of specialist knowledge and non standard capabilities. Plant Link was originally set up in 1995 specifically to resolve the issues and the solutions provided can be seen in the section "Automotive Services." Since its start Plant Link has proven extremely successful in managing product quality and supply coordination for companies engaged in the provision of components to automotive manufactures. In 1999 Plant Link was presented with Intel's “Automotive Contractor Appreciation Award” and in 2002 with Intel's "Q&R Support Recognition & Appreciation Award."

The founders of Plant Link already had many years experience working in automotive supply, automotive quality and resident engineering. Plant Link was born out of a merger of experience from the semiconductor and automotive industries. The electronic test equipment design facility at Plant Link followed shortly after and provides masses of technical support and capability to the company. We have been able to develop an extensive range of dedicated software and equipment to resolve every aspect of the supply business.

During the period since our foundation those suppliers that have gained greatest benefit from the relationship have preferred to use Plant Link to manage the entire automotive supply business for them rather than dedicate the resources themselves. The reasons why this is so and the various services available from Plant Link are detailed in the separate section "Automotive Services." These particular suppliers opted for a full set of services under a "Supply Management" contract. Plant Link provides all the supply coordination and engineering staff necessary to solve the issues and manage the entire supply business. Where necessary, Plant Link provides local/resident engineers and supply coordinators. In some cases this involves an office actually inside a factory or facility of the automotive customer.

A second "Supply Management" option is available that is proving to be the preferred solution. It may be that the business systems of the supplier cannot be made to match those required by the automotive customer. Or perhaps the supplier does not want to be involved in the multiple payment complications of a POU (Pay On Use) warehouse system. Alternatively, the supplier may not want the potential fiscal consequences of operating in a POU. In these cases Plant Link can resolve the problem by purchasing the material and then selling on to the automotive customer. Normally Plant Link makes a single weekly or monthly bulk purchase according to the terms and conditions of the supplier. Plant Link then sells the material on to the automotive customer in multiple small quantities according to the customer's terms and conditions and POU requirements. It is our experience that this method of operation is very efficient, highly convenient and is the preferred solution for both the supplier and Plant Link.

For more information on our Supply Management solutions, please contact:

Lorraine Bronny
tel: +34 670 999 112
email: Lorraine.Bronny@PlantLinkSL.com




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